Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The fall season is flying by! We have had six great weeks of outdoor education so far, and have only 2 schools left. Even on these cold, windy days we still have kids outside learning about the natural environment around them. Our outdoor ed program is an interdisciplinary program combing different ecology lessons with outdoor recreation, with participants from many local and area schools.

Here we have a photo montage of a day spent at the climbing wall.

(Top left) Harnesses and helmets sit on a bench, patiently waiting for a participant to put them on and climb. (Top right) This is Suzanne, our newest team member, she's great! (Mid left) Dana, who is always wearing a smile, belays a climber. (mid right) Here we have Jimmy and Melissa sporting our climbing safety gear. ( Bottom Left ) A student from Jackson Elementary climbs the wall.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It officially feels like fall here at camp. The warm summer breezes have been replaced with the cool, crisp, gusts of autumn. We have had some rain over the past few days, but today it is sunny once again. The rain has left everything looking clean and fresh! The trees are still very green, but soon they will change, and camp will be covered in a blanket of golden yellow leaves. Here are some photos of this beautiful October day!
This is a photo of the big leaf maple tree near the lodge, pretty soon these leaves will change and fall to the ground.

Here is the meadow, you can see where our site manager Chuck and many volunteers have started to reclaim the edge meadow, and to clear away the invasive blackberry plants. You can, once again, walk along the stream!

As the wind whispers through its branches, the poplar tree's serenity is never marred. It seems to say "All is well, all is well."

Crabapple Lake is very calm, you can see the brilliant blue sky reflected on the surface next to the swimming dock.