Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Greetings from Arts & Crafts!

One of our day campers made a wonderful pirate costume!

Ahoy there from the Camp Killoqua Craft House!

This summer is off to a great start in Arts & Crafts and we have been busy working on many theme related projects - as well as all those classic camp crafts! Lanyards and friendship bracelets are always in style.
Owakna campers making feather earrings for Pirate vs. Ninja Week!

This morning there were Day Campers and Resident Campers in making Pirate and Ninja crafts. Many campers chose to make costumes, though paper bag pirate puppets and feather earrings are popular this week as well.
A day camper and his paper bag pirate puppet for Pirates of Killoqua week in Day Camp!

We also had some campers drop by this morning to pick up supplies for projects they wanted to make in the meadow, which is always exciting to know that the creativity does not stop at the Craft House door.

The Chinook Boys came by this morning as well to make Council Fire Invitations. I taught them some new oragami tricks, and they turned out great!

Chinook campers hard at work on paper boats and ninja stars for Council Fire.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from the craft house this summer.
Happy Crafting and WoHeLo!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Session 4

While walking around camp this afternoon I couldn’t help but notice how camp is a really great place for campers to be themselves. Here at camp we don’t answer cell phones we answer the call of WoHeLo, there are no text messages just letters home to friends and family, there is no Facebook friends but friends we meet face to face, and we don’t play video games but real games. At camp you meet around a campfire or table and share a meal, a song, a smile, and a silly story.

Play like a Girl!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Session 3 2012

It has been a very magical week out at camp! In resident camp the theme was Disney and other animated characters. On Wednesday evening we had a lot of fun going on a camp wide hunt for Mickey Mouse who was hidden somewhere at camp. We also had a lot of fun looking for hidden Mickeys (Mickey silhouettes) that were placed all around camp.

 The Gypsy boys getting ready for our all camp game!

Just one of 62 Mickeys hidden around camp this week!

In day camp we had a wild time during Happy Trails week. Campers got to do all sorts of western inspired activities. On Friday afternoon they had an all camp complete with "cow-pie" tossing, cowboy costume relay, and hay rides! Earlier in the week the Washington State Jersey Queen brought her cow Annabelle out to camp. The campers got to pet her and some even got to milk her. They were also given the opportunity to make butter! It was a fantastic week in Day Camp!

 Petting Annabelle!

Staff Training

We had a really fun seven days of staff training this year! One of our big highlights was being the first to play gaga in our gaga pit built by the Kiwanis of Mukilteo and members of our camp comity!  The photo below is of our entire staff the night before camp making a giant zero signifying zero days left before campers arrive!

 Playing our first game of gaga! This game is a lot of fun, and its hard to take photos of because there is so much action going on. We set this up as an example of the game!