Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Wonderland

During the week of January 16th was very memorable here at camp and for many around the state of Washington. It snowed. Then snowed some more. Camp became a winter wonderland with everything covered in snow. This is a big change from our usual mud. This week Daisy enjoyed cross country skiing on our trails and all the camp dogs jumped and played in their redecorated backyards.

Share your winter memories of Camp Killoqua in the comment section.

Winter at camp is like a ducks feet underwater. Calm on the surface but busy under neither. We’ve had a few events and are in the exciting process of preparing for spring and summer. One of the events this winter was the Quilting Over Night. This has been the 20th Quilting Over Night here at camp. We had 12 members of Teens in Action spend the night sewing, pinning and ironing. For some this their first time sewing and others are pros. The teens made over 60 pillow cases for children in need.