Thursday, January 29, 2009

Weekend Visitors

Camp had enthusiastic visitors this weekend, when we were joined by last summer's CIT1s and Horizon Teens In Action. Sure, it was a little cold out, but some of the CITs went up on the high ropes course.

Joanna and Pearl helped out.

We warmed up inside by making sugar cookies. Yum! They were tasty and very colorful after being decorated.
Later that day, we got going on the Teens In Action quilting overnight. TIA is a service group, and participants do all kinds of projects. Once a year, they stay up late making quilts to donate to Project Linus and other causes. This year, they switched it up and made quilted pillowcases for ConkerrCancer, to send to kids fighting cancer. The pillowcases turned out great - and we made 70!

Dava the super-friendly cat also stopped by ... watch out, Cassie - that's Dava's tail you're about to sew!

Here's most of the group the next morning, showing off the quilts and trying to stay awake.