Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thank you for a fabulous spring!

Above: The Spring 2009 Outdoor Education Staff model the new Camp K t-shirts.
From left to right: Teezy, Moo, Frog, Bonzai, Ptarmigan, Verde and Grizz.

The summer is quickly sneaking up on us here at camp, and the spring Outdoor Education season ends this Friday. We wanted to take the time to thank our wonderful spring staff for a terrific season! They spent the past 14 weeks this spring working with over 1200 students in the 3rd through 6th grade. Here's to Teezy, Moo, Bonzai, Ptarmigan, Verde and Grizz! Thank you all very much for the thousands of silly songs you sang, the games of camouflage, the many canoe trips across the lake. Thank you for belaying your 100th child up the climbing wall, for finally perfecting king and queen and of course the banana bandanna skit. Thank you for always knowing that there are cool things to be found in the pond, for knowing where to find the best trees, for your love of all things tie-dye, and for never ever showing how tired you were really feeling. This spring has been a lot of fun, we will miss you all!
~Frog, Zebra, Daisy and Drizzle