Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thanks, Fluke! (Goodbye, old Trading Post!)

During the September 18 United Way Day of Caring, employees from Fluke Corp. "deconstructed" the Trading Post - usually stocked with camp T-shirts and other Camp K goodies. Don't worry, though! It was taken down to make room for a NEW Trading Post next spring. The new building will look much like the original, but be a little more modern.

As always, the Fluke crew did a great job with their projects around camp. This year, they also split wood and restocked wood boxes, washed windows, painted the floating dock, cleared out underbrush in the horse pasture and took apart the Tyee unit. Tyee is being rebuilt as part of the council's Capital Campaign, so the tent platforms were cut into smaller pieces and moved to the 100 Acres to be set up at the overnight sites in the spring. Lots of good changes at camp!

Here's the end of the Trading Post ...

Come visit camp next year to see the new Trading Post and Tyee unit!!