Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer 2013

Well, Camp Killoqua Summer Sessions 2013 has started! Yesterday our first session of kids came through the gate and registered, turned in their meds, got their head checked for lice, and got a free T-shirt. Yup, FREE T-shirt, thanks to Safeway who funded them for every child during the summer sessions! We are super happy to have Camp Willie here again for their 15th year. This week will be so much fun diving back into all of our amazing outdoor and indoor activities, Gaga ball anyone? The kids are out running about (the counselors running with them), you can hear songs coming from the lodge, and Camp is back in all its wonderful glory.

Next week will be our Staff Training week. This is going to be a lot of fun! We have many new counselors and international staff members coming in Friday. We are so excited to meet and greet all of the staff, because they are what make this camp what it is. It seems we get very lucky every year with incredible people, that we figure this year will be equally as good! It will be an amazing summer this year with (hopefully) equally amazing weather!

It is so cool how when you come back to Camp Killoqua every year, you feel as if you never left. Everything is still as green and peaceful as it was last year and the years before that. As all returners know, here at camp K, we are pretty traditional and have our Camp Legend. The legends describes how many, many years ago, before the peaceful shores of Crabapple lake was a camp, there lived a strong young Native American man named Chief Killoqua. Chief Killoqua loved traveling from place to place, until one day he came upon a young Poplar tree on the shores of a beautiful lake. Chief Killoqua visited this tree often, and as he grew older he came to the tree to think about his tribe and ponder his problems. As wind blew through the trees, he could here a faint voice whispering "All is well, all is well." Chief Killoqua eventually died after living a fulfilling life, and as timed passed, Camp Killoqua came into its being. The young Poplar tree is now old, and Chief Killoqua's spirit has lived and grown old with it. On peaceful days like today, if you walk along the meadow, you may still be able to here the gentle, wise Chief say, "All is well, all is well."

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