Monday, November 1, 2010

Its been a while

It is a dark and gray day here at camp, the kind of day that makes your heart long for the sunny days of summer and the sounds of kids as they enjoy the many wonders of Killoqua. The maple trees have lost most of their leaves and the apples are starting to fall from our ancient trees (see photo below).

Things around here have started to slow down, well as much as they ever do. Our Fall Outdoor Education season has come to an end, and those of us up at camp are spending our days planning the exciting camp year to come.

As my mind wanders back to those sunny and exciting memories of the past few seasons I thought I would post some of the highlights of the year.

This year the Tyee tent unit was remolded and this summer our Tyee boys happily lived in a new cabin (below). This cabin features two rooms with bunk beds, and a large cook-out shelter in the back. For those of you concerned about what happened to the tents, worry not, as they have found a new home out in the Hundred Acre overnight campsites.

Last September our blog featured the start of our remodel on the Trading Post, here is the end result!

Another exciting construction project this past year has been the remodel of Uncle Wigglebottoms house in Fairyland. Thanks to many volunteers, and Home Depot we are excited to share our new playhouse. Recently our high school Teens-In-Action program came out and made some decoration that will be put up soon.

(some of the folks who helped with the remodel)
(all painted and awaiting kids)

We had a very successful session of Camp Willie, a bereavement camp for kids. During that week Evening Magazine came out and did a special on the program. You can watch that clip here. Each summer our Camp Willie campers work together to create a community art project. This year they help make a really neat sculpture of a white stag. They helped with all the steps of creation, everything from melting the aluminum, creating the molds, and pouring the the metal. You have to find just the right place to stand in order to line up all the parts. The finished project is pictured below. Next time your at camp see if you can discover where this project is tucked away at.

We had truly fantastic spring, summer, and fall staff members without whom we wouldn't be able to run our programs. A big thank-you to them, and to all of our campers who came out to camp this year!

These are just a few of the many exciting things that have been a part of camp this past year. We are hoping to be a bit more regular with our blog, to keep you all up-to-date with the happenings at camp.

Stay tuned!