Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Session 6

It's a sunny Tuesday afternoon here at Camp K by the lake. We have just started session 6 for the summer. Our theme this week is pirates! Already, there has been hidden treasure deep in the lake, eye patches, and pirate stories created by the Whulje campers.

Last night, we had a great skit night out at council fire. There were funny skits in which water was poured on different staff members (Nacho and Komodo are great sports) and of course banana/bandana. We also had a few songs (one created by the CIT 2's) with guitar's. Oh, and last night there was also a few magic tricks by Woodchuck (CIT 1).

Tomorrow, everyone here at camp is looking forward to All Camp! This week we are having All Camp down at the waterfront

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