Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring at Camp Killoqua

Today is officially the first day of spring. Walking around camp this morning has led me to believe that April showers have arrived early. Even with the rain, camp is ready for spring. We have salmon berries blooming, green grass is growing and the birds, well they wake us up every morning with their constant chattering. Even the birds are excited about spring! Other signs around camp that spring is here is the arrival of the new Outdoor Education staff, orders coming in for the Trading Post, and all the planning for summer.

Another great thing about spring is Spring Break Day Camp. Come spend your spring break at camp April 2-6. Killoqua offers a week of day camp programming, with many of the same acidities as summer. Dress for the weather this week and camp will also keep the fire going in the lodge for a dry warm place to take a break between activities. If the weather is really cold and raining we have a lot of really fun raining day games, arts and crafts projects, and other activities. Open to kids in grades k-8, and bus transportation is available! For more information about bus transportation go to visit our website www.campfireusasnohomish.org . Come experience the ‘Best of Killoqua!’ Each day is sure to be an adventure!

We have a lot of other great events this spring too! Come visit us for ArborFest (April 28th), Dad/youth overnight (April 28-29), Mom/youth (May 4-5), and/or Family Camps (May 25-28, Aug. 31-Sept. 3). Hope to see you this spring!


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