Monday, April 2, 2012

Outdoor Progression

One of our spring events is Outdoor Progression. For those of you who don’t know, this event is for Camp Fire Clubs (Adventure age and older) to come out to camp for an overnight and work on their Progression in Outdoor Action emblems. Starflight members have the opportunity to just spend the day and participate in the same activities.

With some help from camp, club campers learn about fire building, knots, pocket knives, tools, Compasses and pacing. This year we had Dozer, Toast, Azul, and Cornflake leading the activities. On Friday night when all of the club campers arrived we started with a night hike packed full of fun activities. Club campers learned all about nocturnal animals and how they live in the dark, fun games (does anyone remember playing Bat and Moth?), spark in the dark, and even the art of howling. We ended our chilly night hike at Tapala lodge with hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows.

The next day was packed full of fun filled activity rotations! The clubs learned how to tie knots with Twizzlers pull and peel and then moved on to ropes. They even learned the art of whipping a rope (and we don’t mean like Indiana Jones). Fire building was a great time to explore different styles of building a fire and how clubs might use them for camping/cooking. Saturday afternoon started with a club lunch cookout and moved to compasses at Kravik Field and it was even sunny! After finding their way the clubs learned about pocket knife safety, how to make shavings used for tinder, and all about different types of saws.

Wow! What a fun weekend. We were happy to see clubs at camp learning and practicing outdoor skills. Outdoor Progression only happens every other year and I think this year’s event will keep us excited until it rolls around again.


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