Monday, July 16, 2012

Session 4

While walking around camp this afternoon I couldn’t help but notice how camp is a really great place for campers to be themselves. Here at camp we don’t answer cell phones we answer the call of WoHeLo, there are no text messages just letters home to friends and family, there is no Facebook friends but friends we meet face to face, and we don’t play video games but real games. At camp you meet around a campfire or table and share a meal, a song, a smile, and a silly story.

Play like a Girl!



  1. You can never post too many pictures of camp!! Good work!!!

  2. Anyt updated pictures or News you can share? My child is coming soon and looking forward to this sort of contact. :O)

  3. Hi I'm coming here this summer for the second time in my life and I am so excited! Im going for a week overnight resident camp and I can't wait. The first time I went to camp in my whole life was two years ago at camp Killoqua and I've wanted to go again ever since :) I still remember Bazinga was my coulselor and how afraid I was on my first day. You guys are doing great keep it up!