Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Greetings from Arts & Crafts!

One of our day campers made a wonderful pirate costume!

Ahoy there from the Camp Killoqua Craft House!

This summer is off to a great start in Arts & Crafts and we have been busy working on many theme related projects - as well as all those classic camp crafts! Lanyards and friendship bracelets are always in style.
Owakna campers making feather earrings for Pirate vs. Ninja Week!

This morning there were Day Campers and Resident Campers in making Pirate and Ninja crafts. Many campers chose to make costumes, though paper bag pirate puppets and feather earrings are popular this week as well.
A day camper and his paper bag pirate puppet for Pirates of Killoqua week in Day Camp!

We also had some campers drop by this morning to pick up supplies for projects they wanted to make in the meadow, which is always exciting to know that the creativity does not stop at the Craft House door.

The Chinook Boys came by this morning as well to make Council Fire Invitations. I taught them some new oragami tricks, and they turned out great!

Chinook campers hard at work on paper boats and ninja stars for Council Fire.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates from the craft house this summer.
Happy Crafting and WoHeLo!

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  1. First picture says it all!!! Go Camp K!!