Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Fun!

These last few weeks have gone by in a blink of an eye. We have had so much fun around camp! So instead of a “special clap” for those who have ever been to skit night we will do a recap of some really great summer memories.

Remember the first time you saw the climbing wall? Or the first time you took a step on that latter? Here at camp we enjoy the climbing wall, high ropes, and low ropes.

We also have Horse camp. Do you remember the name of the horse that you worked with all week? What about the first time you went on a trial ride or painted the horses?

Can you remember the first time you took a tippie test? Did you ever sing a song from under a canoe? Or take a sailboat for a ride around Crabapple Lake?

As September draws nearer serenade seems sweeter, going for a penny hike is more peaceful, and jumping in the dolphin pond is more fun. From everyone here at Camp Killoqua make the very most of the rest of your summer!

People in cities can’t understand falling in love with the land.


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